Solomon Islands to officially join Kava exporters

KAVA product from North Malaita is on a valued laboratory testing in the Republic of Vanuatu.

Noel Roposo chief field officer (Marketing) with in the marketing unit, agriculture planning division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) said the Kava samples were taken from two local farmers of North Malaita.

“We sent the samples to be tested in a laboratory in Vanuatu. These were the first Kava products to be sent for testing by MAL.

He said results of the tests will be sent back sometimes next week.

He explained that once the laboratory test turns out favourable, Malaita Kava farmers should be the first ones to exports this product under the new program.

“At the moment, we are awaiting response from Vanuatu, before we can see whether we can take the matter to the next level.

Kava is a well-known tradition drink to many Pacific Islanders. It is a cash crop that is the main revenue earner for many farmers in Vanuatu and other Island countries, to meet basic needs like school fees and medical services.

Vanuatu exports Kava to European countries.



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